I came across this a few months ago and did a little video review for you all.
This is suuuuch a fab little product and saves a LOT of time (which if you are a mum you are very limited of)

Stamptastic say that if you Hate sewing, ironing, nametapes, labels, schooluniform. Stamp Instead.


WATCH this and find out more! – They have just expanded into Christmas stamps and more ūüôā

MONMUM Living just bought this amazing product from stamptastic. A name stamp for your kids and just about anything.


BOdeBO is a playful, contemporary, french, kids clothing brand. If you like a polka dots then this brand will send you dotty. (Get it) Seriously though, I absolutely love the bright colours and easy to wear designs.

The company was launched by the designer herself Ana Ramirez in 2005 who as a mum herself, was sparked into action when she couldn’t find the clothing style she wanted for her own kids.

BOdeBO is made 100% by hand in France. Forget convention, this is a brand that has fun and adventure written all over it.
I can’t wait to order something for Lux!
bode1 bode-2 bodebo-fr-kids-style-monmum-blog

House beds, teepees & cabin beds, there are many varieties of dream pens for kids out there but here are some that I consider to be the coolest for our kiddies. Some you could even make yourself if you’re feeling like a DIY weekend?

house bed this little love  Source: The gorgeous this little love .au aluminium lightweight yet very sturdy house bed frame in black. (more options av.)

igloo bed 2
Source: Lake Kids and young creative igloo styled floating cabin bed  via

rosie bed 3
Source: Who doesn’t love Rosie? Black cabin bed Via Gwentibold.

cabin bed
Source: Lake Kids and young amazing floating cabin bed via 

house head bed
Source: Stuffdot.¬†Easy to DIY if you’re talented in that department.

house bed kids mommo
Source: Amazing set design Рmdf Bed via

pale blue bed
Source: Also from this little love .au in pale blue

blue bed framw
Source: Love this set style by Jenni Juurinen with added chimney 

tee pee bed
Source: IN LOVE with this Tee Pee Cabin Bed from Danish Designer WOOOD.

Loving these cool and collected. comfort is king outfits! If they did them in my size I would happily wear them too. Weirdly what’s great as well is that ¬†they look kid like on the kids and yet they would not look childlike on adults! #genius x

kids jogg
1. T-shirt Pax and Heart & Jacket by Hema.nl see more @ lifewithfayeblog teamed here with skinnies, big boots and beanie!
2. This is my fave – a cool runaround! i mean um duhhh! It’s a no brainer! Found at petiteandsmall.com but by Rags apparel USA.
3. Pockets, Zips, tapered half way, simply awesome! From brickyardbuffalo. I mean even that is awesome!
4. I need not say much more on this one me thinks. It is, what it is! It’s a Yes from me! Via wehearit.