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less is moreKeep your package cosy in this Grey Cardigan by Acne,  and for achey feet these trainers do the trick without compromising on style. Black sneakers with white soles, also by Acne. Silver trainers by Nike.  ¢#acne #trainers #nike #lessismore monki on my back
Black and White striped dresses both by Monki and both baggy enough to go over your bump! I wore a lot of Monki clothes during my pregnancy as they come in great A-line shapes and baggy around the tummy area. #monki #maternity #stripes 

kissy jeans  I searched high and low for good Maternity Jeans but I have to say that one of my faves are these Dr Denim stretch Jeans. They aren’t officially Maternity Jeans but I wore these comfortably until I was 6 months pregnant. They are supers stretchy so are really easy to wear and the kissy kissy style sits nicely under the bump. I am still wearing them now, a year postpartum! Ideal! #maternityjeans #drdenim #love #kissykissystories

Complete the look with super cool yet simple accessories. Backpack in black by & other stories (an essential new mum item) Black interlocking necklace and Black Scarf both by Cos. #scandiessentials #backpack #graphical #cos #stories
the Lips

Complete the look with luscious lips. Think Candy Apple for this seasons shade of red. A good fit is Melton Sunset by & Other Stories. #lipstick #red #candyapple #melsonsunset #stories #love #spring

       Arctic shimmer and sleek tech silvers to rival nasa as fashion goes greyscale, it’s certainly not cloudy.

Image source: Vogue #suzymenkes #davidlauren Picture credit: Joe Schildhorn / BFA.com

pattern curator grey
Image source: Pattern Curator

vogue rihanna puma
Image source: Vogue #rihanna #puma Picture credit: Indigital Perfect Oversized Hoodies to keep cosy and cover the bump.


gotceleb olivia palermo

Image source: Gotceleb #Oliviapalermo

get styled grey dress 2
Image source: getstyled #streetstyle #grey #arctic #greyscale #knitdress Long, comfy, quick dressing when pregnant

get styled grey dress 1
Image source: getstyled #streetstyle #grey #arctic #greyscale #knitdress Ideal slouchy number to go over all bump sizes

The weather is changing so keep the wind out with one of these cosy, comfy throw overs.
I’ve founds some amazing options on the high street that won’t break the bank.
Coatigans, Capes, Cardi-coats and big jumpers… It’s a yes from me!

poncho 1
1. Gorgeous Poncho via toovia |  2. Naf Naf sweater cape via Next |  3. Snuggly Roll Neck Cape sweater from Zara.

coatogan 1

Always a fan of the Coatigan |  4. Flyffy coat via Watchabuy |  Delicious Coatigan also from Zara.

street style 1

Love these looks, Add stripes underneath to keep you cosy.


enjoy today

things I lost in 2015
my iphone 6
my hair
my breasts
my short-term memory (and occasionally my marbles)
my social life / ability to drink red wine well!

things I gained in 2015
our beautiful baby daughter whom we could not love more!!
our love for one another through thick and thin
so much kindness, love and support from all our family and friends
a little bit of weight
a lifetime still ahead of me


thank you 2015, it’s been tough!
hello 2016! I’m coming to get you!


Things I knew I wouldn’t be able to do after a double mastectomy…

Lift heavy objects i.e. full kettle, large pans, laundry basket, filled baby bath and heartbreakingly my 8 month old daughter for at least 4-5 weeks
Go swimming for at least 8 weeks in case of infection
Drive for a few weeks
Run around like a blue arsed fly
Pull myself up for the first few weeks (Hooking your hands behind you knee and using it as a lever works well)
Swivel side to side
Sleep on my side or any other position other than on my back and slightly elevated.
Crazy dancing or jumping jacks!
Generally live life as before… at least for a while…

Things I didn’t know I wouldn’t be able to do after a double mastectomy…

Flush the toilet (Unless sensory)
Chop vegetables
Slice bread (Thank god for pre cut)
Pull a heavy door open
Push a heavy door or swivel door open/round (I have to go backwards, bottom first)
Push down the seat on the tube
Hold onto the suspended handles on a tube or bus
Push my daughters buggy around, up a kerb, onto a bus or train..
Pull drawers open
Push drawers closed
Push lids onto my daughters milk/water bottles
Pull lids off my daughters milk/water bottles
Shake my daughters milk bottles (presumably I wouldn’t be able to mix cocktails either)
Open Jam jars or other stiff jars… and tight twistables…
Open or close sash windows
Use push down taps! (Quite irritating when you have a handful of soap)\
Shake the duvet cover
Make the bed in fact
Move furniture such as pulling out heavy chairs at a table, or push them back in as before.
And many other little push pull actions of everyday life…

So as October pulls to an end (October is breast cancer awareness month for those not in the know) and without wanting to harp on, just because it’s something I’ve been through… please do have a check of yourself and be aware of the signs. Catching it early can make a huge difference so it really is worth it!

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