I love a good session on pinterest and what better way to find what other maternity fashionistas are wearing now that the weather is on the turn.

Still warm during the day but definitely a nip in the air come the evening.

Have a look at some of my easy faves both for work and the weekend.

Mid weather Maternity 1

1. Love this simple classic navy blue bodycon dress. Source: hellofashionblog.
2. & 3. Plaid skirt by Jessica Simpson, teamed with an easy fit striped T and a Navy Balzer to smarten up the look.
Bringing together with an oversized clutch. Also good for blending in the bump.


Maternity style midweather 2
Noir always brings with it a touch of elegance and style even when the outfit is quite casual.
Perfect for a weekend lunch evening at the pub. Give those feet a rest in funky pumps – Totes still in!
4. Easy stripes are always easy to find and Asos do some great black jeans. Source: hellofashionblog
5. & 6. The loafer is still going strong. Team with black jeans, Asos also do ripped knee jeans
in the maternity department and team with a long grey T , biker jacket and black bag. Source: caraloren




It sure it getting very grey out there these days and I for one am absolutely loving it!
#trend #fashion #grey

1. Why not team a stretch grey dress with a cool grey sweat for extra comfort and warmth!
Love these dresses from 2./7. Asos  3. Cos for a more bump-worthy version.

4. Or try the belted look (above or below the bumpage) with this long split dress from
5. Asos dress  6. This totally Awesome New York Sweat from H&M!
Off to get me one of those this very weekend! #hittingtheshops
Shades of Grey

Rocking the look below – barefoot blonde wearing Asos dress. Similar available at
Sonnet James!

grey barefoot blonde sonnet james

Sweat over dress – Street Style via fashion guitar.

sweats over dresses - fashion guitar#grey – get into it! x






Pregnancy brings with it a lot of excitement, fear, family thoughts, worries, strange sensations, bodily changes, different ‘moods’, things you have do to and get done, new shopping experiences and much, much, much, much more.

For me though that lovely little plus sign has given me the opportunity to write for the spectacular upallhours.com which I am totally over the moon excited about!! *fist pumps*

I was lucky enough to me the gorgeous Sam Sims, Founder of Up All Hours and writer of Up All Hours blog at britmuns live last month.
We hit it off straight away and started talking blogs and business.

A week or so later, over a bit of yummy blueberry cake and coffee (decaf for me obvs) at Jamie Olivers Recipease in Clapham, (check it out it’s a little nugget of a find) Sam offered me a spot writing on her site! Hurrrahhh!!

I’ll be writing a post monthly on life as a me as a new Preggo and all it brings, so be sure to check it out..  HERE

UAH Logo1

Pregnancy and snails have a lot in common.

AJ and I are away on our lovely hols at the moment in beautiful Hossegor, France and although this on first sight seems like the perfect thing to do when you’re 3 months pregnant, not just because you get to relax and enjoy the company of your other half in beautiful sunny beachy surroundings, but it’s also a lovely idea to make sure we get some quality time together to enjoy each others company before the baby is born
And… without taking anything away from that whatsoever….. there are some definite holiday drawbacks! #who’dhavethoughtit!

Firstly, the baby news sites and apps that join you along your pregnancy journey and kindly and aptly tell you that now is a good time to take said holiday.. also omit to remind you that when you’re on holiday you will absolutely not be able to have (and join your other half in having) that aahhhh!!! total satisfaction moment, when you have been in the heat of the glorious sun all afternoon and take your first sip of a nice ice cold bear!!! Not in your remit anymore I’m afraid!

photo (30)

Secondly for us one of the main reasons for coming here is the surfing! And although I am nowhere near a pro surfer I can stand up on a board and have even managed to get in to a side turn.. (yea, I’m so cool..)
But, being pregnant says, NO to surfing and is considered dangerous. Would I take the risk? No, because if anything happened I’d never forgive myself. But does it make it easier to watch everyone else running into the sea with their boards to catch the curling waves? No, it doesn’t!

So instead, I get to lay around all day on an oversized sand free beach towel and read a book which I can’t say is a terrible feat, however again there are some new things to take into consideration here. Nobody tells you that the belly gets in the way of an all over tan! I can hardly lie on my front, it’s mega uncomfortable not to mention the new addition of my now hefty boobs that I am lugging around. I’m used to having small boobs and although I’m loving having a real cleavage I now understand what it’s like for my larger breasted friends. My god they get in the way and they’re heaving buggers, truly. Mine have grown three times since I was pregnant. First when I was literally 4 weeks pregnant they rose and never again fell. Then at about 11 weeks they grew again, seemed to become more ‘milky’ and less attractive, and just last week at 13.5 weeks they grew again, this time into sort of milk baps. heavy and uncomfortable resting against my skin. They seriously remind me of cows udders and let’s face it that’s what they are becoming! Big boobs are not the be all and end all after all haha!

beach towel.jpg

And thirdly there is the heat. Now I always suffer when it’s really hot because my blood pressure drops and I drink more caffeine to keep me going. Again off limits when pregnant or certainly a very limited supply.

My breathing is so shallow that even walking to the beach 5 mins down the road is a stretch. I’ve looked it up (as you do) and it’s common place that your breathing can become difficult when pregnant but seriously I am moving around slower than my amazing 90-beep year old granny! (My inspirational Nonna as I call her) I’m so short of breath that I have to stop at the slightest incline in the road.
No cycling around like a teenager for me either! I presume the heat is making it worse but jeez it’s a slog to get around haha!

photo (33)

I like doing outdoory things. That’s my fave, surfing, walking around, cycling and a picnic, rock climbing (also off limits) and I like a cold beer and a glass of wine especially on my holidays!!

But in the end I’d rather be pregnant with all my heart and to make sure that me and baby are as healthy as possible, so I guess it’s just the way it is for another 6-9months. 🙂