MonMum is written and edited by me Petra, a producer, stylist, blogger and mum living in South London with my gorgeous beau AJ and tour amazing daughter Lux.

My initial reason for setting up Monmum was to help friends overcome the feeling that they had lost themselves during and post pregnancy and didn’t feel comfortable in their own style anymore. Colours became safe and any engagements an on-going nightmare of wardrobe malfunctions.

Having a baby shouldn’t mean sacrificing your look, your personality or losing your confidence. Today pregnant women should be able to celebrate their style and feel sexy and empowered by their pregnancy journey. But more often than not, the changing body, raging hormones and weight gain are enough to make expectant mums retreat to comfortable clothes that hide everything away. Come the second trimester many pregnant women have lost all sense of themselves and haven’t got a clue or the energy to know what to wear anymore.

When I too became pregnant I realised that I had entered a world where there was an instant connection and bond with women all over the world, who connect on a level I never knew existed, all through being pregnant. It’s about coming together and learning what it is to be pregnant, the daily experience and changes we and our bodies go through.

Having already had the blog, I initially thought I would be a super cool mum knowing exactly what to buy and when to wear it, but the honest truth is that it’s harder than it looks to keep yourself and your style throughout pregnancy especially with the maternity offerings out there still today.

I was desperate to keep my identity and personality through what I wore and I didn’t want myself or anyone else to feel they had to conform to the blue and white striped wrap over dress that’s out there for pregnant women.

But it’s not all about Maternity brands and giving up your personality and confidence!

Monmum wants to empower pregnant women and reveal all the wearable non maternity brands as well as maternity styles that you can wear, that not only adapt to your changing body but also give you back your true self and allow your confidence to live pre, during and post pregnancy.



The serious bit:

All the posts on this blog are created solely for monmum.

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