The image that rocked the world! The ripples are still being felt everywhere not least among some of us mum bloggers. So here I join you all in sharing my voice on this sad and shocking headline and looking at the escalating crisis.

It was the image that made us stand up and listen and although the shock may be dissolving, the sadness and refugee crisis is far from reducing. In fact with recent boarder gates being broken and new routes being found, it’s actually gathering pace at breakneck speed.
Do we all go back to our normal lives and hope the problem goes away? Or do we still realise how lucky we are when we kiss our beautiful children good night and tuck them up in a warm safe bed, far from harm?
It pains me to see my daughter in even the tiniest amount of pain, be it teething or wind or any manner of things, so when I imagine the heartache of the father who thought he was bringing his children to a safer place, to a better life and losing them in such a way. A way in which I am sure he now blames himself for. A tragedy that I could not myself bear. To run from hell and hope for a better future, only to be met with a new kind of hell. And he, Aylan Kurdi and his older brother are not the only ones.


Tensions and frustrations are reaching boiling point and I for one cannot simply sit and do nothing.
Save the Children’s #SaveSyriasChildren campaign to donate £5 please text SYRIA to 70008 or any other charity helping Syria.
#savesyriaschildren #itcouldhavebeenus
syria infographic
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When I was still pregnant I definitely took ‘nesting’ to my very own level of organisation, researching for those must have items and ultimately online shopping for things I was certain me and new baby would definitely ‘need’!

Having had Lux our beautiful daughter 7 months ago I can now honestly say that I bought a lot of crap I or we as a family didn’t need and also missed a few things along the way that we did or could have done with.

So I can now share with you what I consider to be the top baby essentials every new mum should not be without.
I have and use all these items everyday. Obviously you may have your own tastes as to which brands or designs of these items you like, but these are the exact ones we have, use and love!

top items monmum


top items 2 monmum

  1. Philips Avent 3-in-1 Steriliser currently on offer at Mothercare for £39.99 (bargain £20 off) – this steriliser is absolutely brilliant. I use it every day without fail and it takes only 6 minutes to sterilise everything. Easily fits x6 large Dr Browns bottles plus extras. You can also make it smaller if staying away for the night which makes it super easy to transport. I love this!
  2. Dr Browns Bottles. These bottles are fantastic. I had to emergency wean Lux of the breast due to starting chemo and she would not take any bottle to start with. She would push the bottle away… I was thinking, sh@t how the hell am I going to get her to take a bottle? Surely she is too young to be able to push a bottle away at 2.5months old? I felt terrible. I had tried about 6 different bottle types when after hearing good things about Dr Browns bottles for colic and so on, I thought I would give them ago. Success!!!! I do think that every baby is different but at the time it really did feel like Dr Browns had saved my life… or at least reduced my guilt at having to swap Lux from the boob to bottles. Also highly recommended for babies with colic. Newborn starter kit available at Mothercare.
  3. The Sleepyhead!!!! This is genius! Forget a moses basket, forget all these other luxurious carry baskets and easy cots, this is brilliant and so many of us mums have bought these and recommended them and recommended them again… Lux hated her moses basket and many mums I know also could not get their little ones to sleep in their various sleep pods until we all got our lovely shiny white sleepyheads. Now I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking I could actually just roll blankets and tuck them neatly inside and around the moses basket to create the same feeling for my little one, and yes, actually this is very true… (I did have the same thought) but in all honesty not to mention realistically when it’s 3am and the blanket has come unraveled or you’re off to overnight at the grandparents, will you really have the energy for this? Can you actually be bothered? In my view it’s the best £99 I have ever spent and all I needed to do on sleepovers is grab the sleepyhead handle and a large muslin as a cover and off we go… Super easy, super sleepy baby! Everyone’s a winner! Get it from John Lewis here.
  4. So the grandparents (in-laws) bought us this super Summer Infant baby monitor and I absolutely love it. I looked at quite a few and I know the motorola gets quite a good press, but I found the battery life died quite quickly and the signal is often more distorted than the Summer Infant which shows me a really clear picture both day and night, comes with a touch screen, adjustable monitor and a night light. The only thing I would say is that it does say the temperature is about 4 degrees warmer than it actually is. Maybe there is a fault with mine, but I haven’t worried about changing it, I just minus 4 degrees from the temperature gauge. Get it from Amazon.
  5. Oh Tommee Tippee I thank theeeee!!! This is the best thing in the whole world!! So I didn’t have one form the beginning. I was told about them by two friends who said, you should get one they are brilliant and I thought, hmm do I really need another gadget to take up yet more room in my kitchen? The answer is YES YES you Doooo!!! And so eventually (why I did not do this sooner I curse myself for still) I got one. and It’s made such a huge difference to my days. I was told this would make things easier for me – which is truly what I do need right now given everything, but this tommee tippee perfect prep is as it says in the tin, absolutely perfect. No more boiling and cooling, no more jumping startled from a little nap because you’ve just remembered that in fact you’ve forgotten to boil the kettle and your baby is about to wake screaming any minute.. Nope! Lux now has ver very own, what we like to call Cappuccino maker, which produces the perfect temperature bottle in just 2 minutes. (If that). THIS you must get!|!! YES! Currently on sale at the amazing price of £60 from Amazon or Asda.
  6. I love Weleda, they are really lush. My sis bought me some of their products in a lovely little ‘for Lux’ gift pack and I have to say it’s oooh sooo gooood! It’s natural with no nasty stuff in it and it also makes her skin (and mine when I borrow it) super soft!!! Like a baby’s bum hah! You can get it from health stores or boots or waitrose do it too!
  7. Lucky number 7 is for the boobies and nothing but the boobies! This ladies is the only thing that works! Get it – even if you’re not breast feeding, but mainly if you are! It’s fabuloso!!! When your boobs get sore (and if you’re expressing as well as breast feeding then they definitely will) apply this totally awesome, nothing else like it, Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple cream and away you go… Saved!  Get it from Boots or John Lewis. Sometimes cheaper on Amazon. (not the easiest name to remember though)
  8. This Medela Swing Maxi Double Breast Pump is considered to be the best Brest Pump on the market. I started with a hand held one – who was I kidding? Like you have the time and energy for that in the first few months…nope! My advice, either rent an ‘industrial’ one (not cheap) or buy this double whammy and get it done in half the time. Remember you’re going to be expressing at all sorts of random times (whenever you actually have 10 spare mins) so get something to help you get it done asasp. Then plaster your boobs with the Lanolin nipple cream!! I got my dbl pump from Amazon but John Lewis sell them too.
  9. We all need one of these! Can’t leave the hospital without one, so unless you’re planning a home birth, this is one thing you can get in advance! We got one that worked with our buggy and car, which is usually the best way to go 🙂 Love our confetti Maxi Cosi Pebble! Ideal!
  10. On the go a lot? Even if you’re like me and you buy one or two changing bags (that I am fed up with using now) so forget all that stuff about this is going to be the bag that I will carry every day for a year excuse stuff to get that really expensive one, because trust me, you won’t! I have three, yep, three and actually I am now very bored of them all and in fact, I’ve never used one of them because it’s too big, (which was the selling point originally) so if you just use any nice bag that you have and then maybe plonk one of these super duper, I use this every day, skip hop, pronto changing stations into it, you my friend are done! JL sell them and JoJo Maman Bebe too.
  11. This little number is genius! I’ve been stopped a fair few times and asked where I got my curtain from – It’s by Farg Form and it’s ideal, clips onto any buggy and comes in blue, pink, grey or green. Forget muslins clipped on with pegs! Look cool instead and get one of these! I bought mine from the baby shop who are super lovely and offer great customer service too!
  12. Isn’t this nursing pillow by awesome? I hated all those fluffy, babyish designs that most of the nursing pillows come in, or white, I mean why white? Get’s dirty super quick and looks terrible! So I got this über cool blue stars one (and yes I have a girl- wooaaahh) I can’t actually remember where I got it from but I found it here in two other colours and in navy from Dubuy dk.
  13. Muslins Muslins everywhere! You’ll be needing these and lot’s of them! I have about hmmm 20 odd and I still feel like I could do with more.. My faves as many of you will agree are from Aden and Anais an american brand (run by an Australian lady called Raegan Maya-Jones)  – Lovelyyyy!  I think I got mine at John Lewis but Amazon  sell them too.
  14. And in at number 14 (I know I know it’s a random number but what can you do…) It’s the lovely Farg Form ( and yes I do like my Scandi stuff rather a lot) Changing mat that I have in the nursery. Mine actually is grey printed with white sheep and not with the clouds (I do have the clouds on my FargForm buggy curtain and blind) but I love the clouds one too and I also love how it curves on the outer edges. Looks rather good in the  nursery even if I do say so myself!
    And so that’s it – there we have it – my top 14 defo must have new mum and baby items that we have at home and I personally, honestly really wholeheartedly would and do recommend!! Amen!

pick of the pins kids 11. source: caroline borsmans, 2. Zara Mini jumper, 3. Hema Jumper, Moi leggings, Mockies Mocasinspick of the pins kids 2

4. source:, 5. source and clothes via, 6. source:


I have to be honest here, when it comes to baby changing bags I have a lot of opinion right from the offset. That is I mean before I have even googled the crap out of the top ten bags on the market and alternative totes and come up with pretty much zero satisfaction.

I ask myself, ‘Do I really need an actual baby changing bag? Isn’t it just basically a tote with a host of added pockets’?

I begin instead for a search of pocket insert trays and I find a fairly style friendly version for £29. But that I feel is quite a lot for an insert when the pockets really aren’t quite the right size for diapers or nappy bags, cotton wool, muslins and the host of other stuff you need to carry around with you every day with a new baby. Plus then I still need the bottle warmer, changing mat etc etc etc.

I’m sure I can get a better deal with a full changing bag that already comes with all those accessories that makes better buying sense.
So then I go into the leather style bags. I’ll pay more for a bag that I can then use afterwards no? Let’s face it this bag is going to be going everywhere with me for the first few years so I really do need to Love it. And what’s more, I don’t want to lose my personality and personal style while carrying it either.

I want this bag to match my life. Not am I willing to bend my style to fit in with the array of zoo print and pink fluffy bags that seem to still be selling out. I’m not the baby here. Besides there’s enough baby friendly toys and buggy buddies in bright shades of pink, yellow red and blue that I seem to be told I need to attach to all the other gear that comes with baby.

So the google search continues… and continues….. and after actually about three months of looking and grumbling and looking again and searching in another way and going in-store to John Lewis and Mother Care, and JoJo Maman Bebe among others as well as looking at independents online, I have come up with what I consider to be the Top Ten in Baby Changing Bags out there for mums that want to be who they are and compromise less. #styletomatchyourlife

AH Tote Selfridges PIC

THE ANYA HINDMARCH Oakley Nylon Changing Bag
Although this is top end, I had to put it in the top ten. Why? Just look at it! A classic Tote but with those essential pockets both on the outside and the inside this bag could go on for ever! This is not just a baby changing bag this is a bag for life! Also comes with the added extras you need such as a changing mat and nappy bag. If you’re going to spoil yourself with just one new mama gift, then go for this! It will look good now and beyond.


  • Open top allows easy access at all times
  • Patent carry handles and adjustable shoulder strap to fit your needs
  • Two front pockets with ‘bits’ and ‘bobs’ tags on the outside for bottles and baby essentials plus a long zip pocket for mums keys and phone
  • One large zip compartment on the inside plus two other pockets
  • Comes with stylish black changing mat and a zip up nappy bag
  • Wipe clean, yes wipe clean! Need I Say more?
  • It’s got that chic factor!

THE PRICE: £595.00
BUY IT NOW: At Selfridges 


babybeau John Lewis PIC

THE BABYBEAU ELLIE Converter Leather Changing Bag
Real Leather, Real Deal. I love this bag. It hits that button with me again for offering longevity and by that I mean that the whole kit and caboodle from the inside can be pulled out, leaving you with a simple stylish leather bag for when you’re done carrying those nappies and bottles around. Or if you’re having a baby free day out (on those rare occasions) you can whip out the internal bag and no need to fuss around with extra bits and bobs and changing over to other bags which always results in you losing your lip balm of forgetting your oyster.


  • That Converter bag is a godsend!
  • Carry handles and adjustable shoulder strap to easily fit on your shoulder or pram
  • Two front pockets and two side pockets for bottles and your mobile etc
  • Two large back pockets, One large stretchy pocket, so basically pockets galore!
  • Comes with a lovely padded leatherette changing mat and leather key holder
  • And it has the perfect thermal insulated leatherette bottle holder and dust bag
  • A Timeless Piece.

THE PRICE: £199.95
BUY IT NOW: At John Lewis


JL Seraphone 3 PIC 2

THE SERAPHINE Navy Faux Leather Changing Bag
This is a great buy. It has Zips and pockets everywhere and is a lovely piece to put over your shoulder. Again it mens you don’t have to compromise on style or fork out a fortune in the process.


  • It’s completely waterproof and wipe down due to the faux leather
  • Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap plus those extra buggy straps are included too
  • That long zip round the bottom is a handy and separate compartment for all your personal mum essentials
  • Has five internal pockets for all the baby’s things and has a spill proof lining (although I’m not sure what that means really)
  • Comes with matching changing mat
  • Get your hand on a piece of Parisien wipe down chic!

THE PRICE: £69.00
BUY IT NOW: At John Lewis


Juicy C PIC

THE JUICY COUTURE Leopard Print Baby Changing Bag
Who can resist? Not me Not me! I love the contrast of the Leopard print exterior and the Striped interior lining. Plus it’s black and white so your baby will just love it too! Not to mention it can actually stimulate brain cell connections and improve concentration skills! What more do you need to know?


  • It’s educational and mesmerising for your baby. I’m sold!
  • It looks super cool and has all those essential pockets both on the outside for bottles and your mobile etc and well as inside for all the baby stuff, your wallet and more
  • Comes with matching changing mat and a bib too boot so baby can look cool too, oh and be engaged all the while!
  • Stylish, practical and good for baby. What are you waiting for?

THE PRICE: £220.00
BUY IT NOW: At Selfridges



laessig PIC

THE LAESSIG NECKLINE Recycled Tote Changing Bag in Black & Coco Melange

So if you want to go for something a bit more casual but without losing all the practical elements then I would opt for this truly lovely Laessig Tote.
Made in Germany this Changer offers thought out compartments and useful additions. It’s clean and fuss free and if you’re into recycling then this bag can help you feel like you’re being a bit green too as it’s made form 90% recycled materials, but without losing that essential style factor!


  • It’s made from non toxic environmentally friendly materials and is a super functional yet stylish buy!
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and additional buggy clips so no extras needed
  • Wipe clean water repellant pockets for bottles and nappies and baby food jars (also removable compartments)
  • Comes with a matching baby changing mat and an insulated removable bottle holder and zip pouch.
  • Simply stylish, functional and environmentally friendly!

THE PRICE: £99.00 – £100.00
BUY IT NOW: At and


Nova Harley Melbourne PIC

iheart, iheart, iheart! I do! I mean look at it! This has to be the most non-baby changing looky likey bag out there at the moment. It looks like an ordinary handbag and is total arm candy if you ask me! Chic-tastic by designer Nova Harley from Australia, there are lot’s of styles to choose from but one of my faves is this Melbourne Bag. Which also reminds me of my trip to Oz and time in Melbourne – Double Bonus!


  • Made from Premium leather with wipe clean lining
  • Comes with detachable shoulder strap with a soft comfy handle, as well as buggy straps to hang it on the buggy easily
  • Also has a thermal insulated black bottle tote with buggy clips
  • Includes a luxury large black padded change mat with water proof lining which is easy to clean and hygienic
  • It has 13 (no less) really funky picture labeled pockets and zipper storage sections so you can easily cary and find all those essential baby items
  • And there’s an über cool ‘Mother’s Section’ for all our personal mum stuff like the purse, phone and other general personal accessories
  • And let’s not forget the handy external key holder pocket for easy access – essential when arriving at the front door laden with baby, buggy, shopping and more
  • Faultless and sophisticated! It’s a Yes from me!

THE PRICE: £240.00


Elodie Details baby shop PIC

This Changer is canvas cool if ever I saw it. The Brown leather straps set off the geographic print perfectly and bring the bag to life by adding a classic twist.
It looks almost like a weekend duffle than a baby changer to me. Again that black and white geo pattern can help to stimulate your little one all day long!
So if you ant something that’s in style, multi-functional and won’t break the bank, head for the Elodie Details Changer now.


  • It will keep baby amused and visually stimulated
  • Lovin’ the geo print and additional premium leather details
  • Stroller Strappable and comes with an adjustable leather shoulder strap too
  • It has a hidden thermo pocket for your baby bottle and other pockets are designated for wet wipes, keys, phone and nappies
  • Comes with a soft padded baby changing mat
  • And it’s big enough to hold your laptop if you’re a working mum
  • A fashionable changer that offers a style for work and play

THE PRICE: 129.00 euros! (approx. £101.00)



Innovation in a Bag. The clever multiway changing bag can be little or large. Basically with the use of poppers, you can change the shape to suit your lifestyle. For Days out it offers a bucket style bag to store all your baby’s essential items including nappies, wipes, change of clothes and any feeding equipment. But if you’re literally just popping ou for a few hours and don’t want to take the kitchen sink, then the bag can be moulded with poppers to make a smaller more compact bag.
Mothercare’s multiway bag comes complete with a padded changing mat, a messy bag to keep any damp or dirty clothing, and an insulated bottle holder. The interior compartment of the bag features a wipe clean lining and has plenty of storage pockets to keep everything neatly organised.


  • Hence the name – Multi Changer – literally! Big Tote meets compact carrier.
  • Durable double handle as well as an adjustable leather shoulder strap for carrying or clipping on the buggy
  • Comes with a padded changing mat and a messy bag for any damp or dirty clothes and bibs
  • Also included the essential insulated bottle holder
  • Cool, lightweight and perfectly man friendly to boot!

THE PRICE: A Steal at £34.99 (Previously £49.99 but get £15.00 off now!)
BUY IT NOW: At Mothercare SALE!

The Laessig Tote PIC

Again this is a classic Shopper come changing bag. From the outside you wouldn’t even know it had anything to do with bambinos and what with all the bunny and elephant prints that come with every other baby essential we carry around, it’s a welcome break to find a shopper that looks as casually cool as this one does.


  • Large main compartment and well arranged pockets for baby and mum essentials
  • Comes with a matching and water repellent baby changing mat and an insulated removable bottle holder
  • Also included is a matching zip pouch for those dirty and damp clothes
  • Convenient removable compartments for baby food jars
  • Oh an it’d got extra buggy hooks too so no need to buy more
  • Aaaand it looks like a normal classic everyday shopping bag!

THE PRICE: Down from £65.00 to £50.00 so grab a bargain now!


Nova Harley Brisbane PIC

THE NOVA HARLEY LUXURY BRISBANE  ‘Convertible” Baby Changing Bag!
In at number 10! I couldn’t help but sneak in an other Nova Harley bag. I carry a yellow faux leather bag around with me at the moment and I love the bright happy feel I get whenever I pick it up. Why not get a changer in the happy yellow too? Totally cool and enough to brighten up anyones day. And that’s not all!
This premium leather changer in fact also converts into an everyday fashion or work bag, simply by removing the internal liner which when installed is secured with heavy duty poppers. A little like where I started my search, this bag offers up that with paying for longevity for use long after your little one is out of nappies and milk.


  • Made from Premium leather with wipe clean lining
  • Comes with adjustable buggy straps, waterproof changing pad, thermo insulated bottle tote, wet pack, key ring and key clip
  • Has that handy removable internal liner
  • It has 13 (no less) really funky picture labeled pockets and zipper storage sections so you can easily cary and find all those essential baby items
  • And again there’s that ‘Mother’s Section’ for all our personal mum stuff like the purse, phone and other general personal accessories
  • Cool, casual and bright

THE PRICE: £260.00