How to easily make some not so spooky DIY Pumpkins!

How to make Halloween more snuggly less spooky for all the family.

As the nights draw in and the spooky festivities approach, I know my days will be filled trying to muffle the sound of the bloody fireworks and the hiding of anything remotely Halloweenesque to keep Lux from staying awake all night in fear of the scary ‘things’ out to get her. A year on and nope, Halloween is most definitely still not her scene.

Ok so I’m off the hook for making a witches costume, but I was wondering how best to deal with joining in the fun without ruling Lux totally out of the mix.
Along came a glorious and all importantly not so spooky post by @scoutandcokids and @think.make.share of the most beautiful, artistically painted pumpkins I have EVER seen!

Apparently, it’s very common to paint rather than scoop out your pumpkin in the States… Who knew…?
A total must see if you want to get in on the most artful Halloween ever! I thank thee from the bottom of my not so scary heart for bringing joy to my Halloween kitchen!! Be sure to check out their awesome pumpkin-ness.

I made my own today… OK, so I may not win any prizes with my own creation, but it was super fun and I’m now excited to go and get more pumpkins, more chalk paint or spray paint and see if I can improve as I go. Even Luxy can get into it! Woohoooo Boooo!

So how did I do it?
Well, handily the lovely people at Able and Cole delivered our veggies this morning and inside was a rather perfect (I can’t believe I actually managed to remember to order it) Halloween ready pumpkin.

Next up I raided the cupboards to see if I had any paint pots that might be suitable and found a variety of nice pastel shades to use. I had read that acrylic paints worked best but went with what I had. The wall paint tester (blue) was definitely not the best even after I washed and thoroughly dried the pumpkin but the chalk paint (pink) went on like a dream. (I had Rusto-leum Chalky finish)

Then the white I’ll be honest I stole from the pot I was using to upcycle some furniture which albeit rather too posh for a pumpkin worked fairly well. Thanks, Farrow and Ball.  I started with polka dots but as they ran a little while I was taking a little coffee break (oops) I opted for mini ghosts instead.
A sharpy was used for the ghost faces.

So here’s the DIY Roundup.
You will need:

– A pumpkin (Or squash, turnip etc)
– Chalk or acrylic paint
– Paintbrushes
– Sharpy pens, gold /silver pens, glitter pens (optional)
– protective mat, tray, paper, sheet of your choice
– Some crafty inspiration from the links below
– Steady hands

Get some more inspiration here:
Super cute pumpkin family makeover from Your DIY family
Also loving Studio DIYs Donut Pumpkins
These are just amazing, floral pumpkins from The Merry Thought
And these luxurious and cute black and white designs from Lovely Indeed.

So what are you waiting for? Get your POSH PUMPKIN ON!


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