Pregnancy brings with it a lot of excitement, fear, family thoughts, worries, strange sensations, bodily changes, different ‘moods’, things you have do to and get done, new shopping experiences and much, much, much, much more.

For me though that lovely little plus sign has given me the opportunity to write for the spectacular which I am totally over the moon excited about!! *fist pumps*

I was lucky enough to me the gorgeous Sam Sims, Founder of Up All Hours and writer of Up All Hours blog at britmuns live last month.
We hit it off straight away and started talking blogs and business.

A week or so later, over a bit of yummy blueberry cake and coffee (decaf for me obvs) at Jamie Olivers Recipease in Clapham, (check it out it’s a little nugget of a find) Sam offered me a spot writing on her site! Hurrrahhh!!

I’ll be writing a post monthly on life as a me as a new Preggo and all it brings, so be sure to check it out..  HERE

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Pregnancy and snails have a lot in common.

AJ and I are away on our lovely hols at the moment in beautiful Hossegor, France and although this on first sight seems like the perfect thing to do when you’re 3 months pregnant, not just because you get to relax and enjoy the company of your other half in beautiful sunny beachy surroundings, but it’s also a lovely idea to make sure we get some quality time together to enjoy each others company before the baby is born
And… without taking anything away from that whatsoever….. there are some definite holiday drawbacks! #who’dhavethoughtit!

Firstly, the baby news sites and apps that join you along your pregnancy journey and kindly and aptly tell you that now is a good time to take said holiday.. also omit to remind you that when you’re on holiday you will absolutely not be able to have (and join your other half in having) that aahhhh!!! total satisfaction moment, when you have been in the heat of the glorious sun all afternoon and take your first sip of a nice ice cold bear!!! Not in your remit anymore I’m afraid!

photo (30)

Secondly for us one of the main reasons for coming here is the surfing! And although I am nowhere near a pro surfer I can stand up on a board and have even managed to get in to a side turn.. (yea, I’m so cool..)
But, being pregnant says, NO to surfing and is considered dangerous. Would I take the risk? No, because if anything happened I’d never forgive myself. But does it make it easier to watch everyone else running into the sea with their boards to catch the curling waves? No, it doesn’t!

So instead, I get to lay around all day on an oversized sand free beach towel and read a book which I can’t say is a terrible feat, however again there are some new things to take into consideration here. Nobody tells you that the belly gets in the way of an all over tan! I can hardly lie on my front, it’s mega uncomfortable not to mention the new addition of my now hefty boobs that I am lugging around. I’m used to having small boobs and although I’m loving having a real cleavage I now understand what it’s like for my larger breasted friends. My god they get in the way and they’re heaving buggers, truly. Mine have grown three times since I was pregnant. First when I was literally 4 weeks pregnant they rose and never again fell. Then at about 11 weeks they grew again, seemed to become more ‘milky’ and less attractive, and just last week at 13.5 weeks they grew again, this time into sort of milk baps. heavy and uncomfortable resting against my skin. They seriously remind me of cows udders and let’s face it that’s what they are becoming! Big boobs are not the be all and end all after all haha!

beach towel.jpg

And thirdly there is the heat. Now I always suffer when it’s really hot because my blood pressure drops and I drink more caffeine to keep me going. Again off limits when pregnant or certainly a very limited supply.

My breathing is so shallow that even walking to the beach 5 mins down the road is a stretch. I’ve looked it up (as you do) and it’s common place that your breathing can become difficult when pregnant but seriously I am moving around slower than my amazing 90-beep year old granny! (My inspirational Nonna as I call her) I’m so short of breath that I have to stop at the slightest incline in the road.
No cycling around like a teenager for me either! I presume the heat is making it worse but jeez it’s a slog to get around haha!

photo (33)

I like doing outdoory things. That’s my fave, surfing, walking around, cycling and a picnic, rock climbing (also off limits) and I like a cold beer and a glass of wine especially on my holidays!!

But in the end I’d rather be pregnant with all my heart and to make sure that me and baby are as healthy as possible, so I guess it’s just the way it is for another 6-9months. 🙂

Courtesy of The Mercantile London! #bestboutiqueever

So as I head to the till with a few lush goodies I in hand after a long lunchtime mooch around my favourite London boutique The mercantile London, I get chatting to the lovely Debra (unknowingly the Company Director) about my blog and my interest in her gorgeous brands.
The dress I’ve just snapped up my for my pending holiday, is just out online and new new new! (So new Debra had to actually nip downstairs to get me a size as they weren’t even on the shop floor yet) making me feel very unique and ahead of the game!
The reasons for this particular purchase I tell Debra, is not just the usual holiday must have items we just have to buy, but also because the fabric is so stretchy it can work with my growing  bump. (Now at 3 months).
I’m always in the look our for things I can buy that aren’t necessarily actual maternity brands and more things I can wear before, during and after pregnancy. Longevity is the key for me and by shopping at The Mercantile London, I always know I’ll be steered away from the usual blue and white stripped maxi you see in all maternity stores!

So as we chat about this and that, Debra asks me if I want to be her Guinea pig?…. As my head conjures up images of myself standing outside the store in a guinea pig outfit handing out leaflets, I still for some reason go with my gut and just say yes without hesitation. On doing so to my surprise and equal relief, Debbie offers me a pair of rather cool Dr Denim jeans. (#win)
The challenge? At how many weeks pregnant you can still fit into them!!?

As a non maternity brand again, this immediately resinates with me. How exciting, my first real product review for me and monmum.
I can’t believe my luck and together we pick a black pair, seeing as mine are already getting tight from my rather early bumpage, this is fantastic news. She hands me a low rise small which I look at and think, if I can get into those with this his bump it will be a miracle! I offer to try them on but Debra is certain they will fit fine and on getting home and trying the she is absolutely right! Debra clearly knows her stuff!


photo (27)

dr den main 2.jpg

photo (24)

Pregnancy status: 11 – 13 weeks with very early bump and huge bloating after every meal.

DR Denim was founded in 2004 designing jeans to create a lifestyle revolving around Denim. The design philosophy is to create contemporary interpretations of denim and timeless pieces that can be worn at any time. Dr. Denim is intellectually curious yet humble, treating denim as a science where development flourishes through research and creativity. aka these Jeans are #cool !!

On my first go they fit surprisingly well. They are a little long but actually due to the über stretchiness, they fold up really well and look quite cool like that. Personally though I love a pocket, so I immediately notice that the front pockets are faux and although it’s something I think I’ll miss on further thought they actually come up more slimming that way and double almost as thick jeggins. A definite bonus.

Apparently the Dr Denim brand sell very well from a boutique in Brighton (where my family are from) to pregnant ladies due the stretch fit and low rise design. So Debit wanted to check out what the fuss was all about and se if the rumours were true.

I’ll be tacking more pics as I go.

Currently, these cool DR Denims are the only pair of jeans I now own where I don’t have to open the button (and sometimes the zip) when driving, sitting down and especially after I’ve eaten. I’ve already been caught out twice in the supermarket with my flies open  after forgetting to do them up again. I’d call them my lifesavers! Even AJ has commented on how nice they are and at a quarter of the price of some maternity jeans I’d say the are a must have buy! #superstretchy

Dr denim offer loads of styles and colours so have a look here.
I’ll check back in a couple of weeks to let you know how they are fitting!

So the day has finally come and I am super excited to be able to share our amazing News with you that we are pregnant!
We made a little baby that’s now happily growing in my tummy. chilling out and hanging out upside down (so the 12 week scan shows)

When I started monmum AJ and I had already been trying for some time to convince and as a forward planner I set to getting the site ready in preparation for sharing my pregnancy journey alongside pregnancy and maternity fashion.
It didn’t quite go as planned though and as time went on with no positive sign on the little pee stick we realised it might just not be that simple.

So formed was Plan B and with a little help from out amazing and inspirational fertility clinic Create (more on that later) and a hell of a lot of luck and support from all our friends and family,  we got there and can now announce a healthy baby growing and already 6cm long!!

Whop whoop!

We feel like the luckiest couple alive and cannot thank everyone enough who has been there along the way!
If anyone does have any questions about ivf then please feel free to ask. I’m more than happy to help in any way I can.


Preggars announcement 1.jpg


Flynn mid-rise skinny Jeans by AND. Grey Jumper by Des Petits Hauts, see similar here from Toe polish Gargantuan green grape by OPI. Sunglasses with small leather bow detail by Chanel.

As many of you are no doubt like me, planning your holidays be it at home or somewhere else, part of the excitement (for me anyway) is prepping and planning and buying those oh so absolute ‘must haves’ for your holiday wardrobe.
Harder a thing to do when you’re nearly 3 months pregnant because you’re not quite at the point of maternitywear, but all your usual clothes and sizes are at the point of being a little bit snug, or in my case bloomin’ tight! Which is the last thing you want when you’re in the sweltering sun.

So, I had a little dig around for some super, cool , comfy, easy-to-wear and super on trend styles that are rocking the shops this summer.
A mix of maternity and non-maternity for whatever stage of pregnancy you are at. TAKE A LOOK!

holiday 1.jpg

1. Gorgeous Hatch Collection Capri Jumper (also in black), 2. Becksondergaard Jungle Scarf from Atterley Road, 3. Vivienne Westwood shades from, 4. New Look Gold Metalic straw bag.

holidays 2.jpg

1. In love with this aztec easy wear jumper from Asos, perfect for a growing belly! 2. Lulu Guinness foldwaway shopper with a smile, also 3. Cool and casual Sam and Lavi essential elasticated waist Jonet pants, love these from Revolve.

holidays 3.jpg

1. River Island Tiger face print kimono, a beach must have and perfect to cover the belly elegantly. 2. OK so I feel in love with these totally amazing beach bright Prada sunglasses. Do they suit me? No! Does it matter? No! Get them! 3. Hatch Collection Caftan dress. Easy peasy for a beach aperitif (even if it is alcohol free)  4. Another jumper, quite keen on these this year… Belly friendly and has pockets, this one is from asos too.