Things I knew I wouldn’t be able to do after a double mastectomy…

Lift heavy objects i.e. full kettle, large pans, laundry basket, filled baby bath and heartbreakingly my 8 month old daughter for at least 4-5 weeks
Go swimming for at least 8 weeks in case of infection
Drive for a few weeks
Run around like a blue arsed fly
Pull myself up for the first few weeks (Hooking your hands behind you knee and using it as a lever works well)
Swivel side to side
Sleep on my side or any other position other than on my back and slightly elevated.
Crazy dancing or jumping jacks!
Generally live life as before… at least for a while…

Things I didn’t know I wouldn’t be able to do after a double mastectomy…

Flush the toilet (Unless sensory)
Chop vegetables
Slice bread (Thank god for pre cut)
Pull a heavy door open
Push a heavy door or swivel door open/round (I have to go backwards, bottom first)
Push down the seat on the tube
Hold onto the suspended handles on a tube or bus
Push my daughters buggy around, up a kerb, onto a bus or train..
Pull drawers open
Push drawers closed
Push lids onto my daughters milk/water bottles
Pull lids off my daughters milk/water bottles
Shake my daughters milk bottles (presumably I wouldn’t be able to mix cocktails either)
Open Jam jars or other stiff jars… and tight twistables…
Open or close sash windows
Use push down taps! (Quite irritating when you have a handful of soap)\
Shake the duvet cover
Make the bed in fact
Move furniture such as pulling out heavy chairs at a table, or push them back in as before.
And many other little push pull actions of everyday life…

So as October pulls to an end (October is breast cancer awareness month for those not in the know) and without wanting to harp on, just because it’s something I’ve been through… please do have a check of yourself and be aware of the signs. Catching it early can make a huge difference so it really is worth it!

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So things have changed and Fridays are now very different from ever before! Forget Friyay! I have now termed this day Friboo! (sorry to put a dampener on things)

The last few months have brought changes beyond belief and it’s time to fess up and put it down on paper. You never know maybe it will be helpful for someone else and for myself too.

Here’s how it all started… and I’ll dive straight in!

April 2015

There’s a glimmer in the air and hope on people’s faces as the sun pokes it’s head from the clouds and the early blooms start to pop up on the trees.
It’s the 1st if April and spring it seems is here, but the news we received today is certainly no April fools.
I’ve just been diagnosed with breast cancer. grade 3, ¬†stage one triple negative! And I can’t believe it.
I’ve been here before… 18 years ago I had Hodgkin’s lymphoma in my neck and chest and that was no easy feat and what now seems to be the cause of this new cancer…

I had a bad feeling as we arrived in reception today, but I wasn’t expecting¬† a mastectomy and chemo to be part of the plan.
Turns out the radiotherapy I’ve had in the past, rules out a lumpectomy and radiotherapy, so a diep flap now seems to be the order of the day. It’s a lot to take in for all of us. My thoughts turn to practicalities as the questions seem to roll off my tongue, my wonderful other half looks at me in disbelief.
I’m not sure where they are coming from either or how I’m managing to stay so focused on getting everything in some sort of order. I guess it’s a way of staying in control and not letting the emotions take over.

Don’t get me wrong I’m seriously pissed off. I didn’t think I deserved to be here again, but what can you do?

If you want to check yourself then Breast Cancer Care’s diagram below is excellent, as it’s not just all about finding a lump!